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V Shaped Support Pillows - For Bed and Chair

Buy from a variety of V shaped support pillows designed for relaxation and to comfortably support your back, neck and head while sitting up in bed or for extra support in a chair.
For everyday activities like reading or watching tv they are especially helpful if you are prone to aches and pains, are pregnant, have a disability or are elderly.
Sufferers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chest and heart diseases who need to sleep sitting propped up can find them invaluable at bedtime.
There are products with synthetic or natural fibre fillings and for allergy sufferers there are hypo-allergenic V shaped pillows.
A selection of pillowcases are also offered.

Note: Bear in mind that the memory foam V shaped pillows are more expensive but give contoured and firmer support while standard versions are usually softer and more supple without contour retaining properties.


Standard V Shaped Pillows - Polycotton - Hollow Fibre - Duck Filled
Memory Foam V Shaped Pillows
V Shaped Pillowcases

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Memory Foam Pillows
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Standard V Shaped Pillows - Polycotton - Hollow Fibre - Duck Filled

V Shaped Pillow
V Shaped Pillow

A large V-shaped washable pillow, filled with Dacron fibres, for supporting the body in bed or armchair.

Pillowslips (White) are available.
* Length 787mm (31”); Arm diam. 356mm

Adamlinens Nursery Orthopaedic Maternity Pregnancy V shaped pillow for support and comfort

Homescapes - Duck Feather and Down -
V Shaped / Triangle Pillow - Top Quality, Washable, Anti Dust Mite Nursing Pregnancy and Back Support Pillow.

V Shaped Duck Feather Filled Back Support- Reading Pillow with Free Aqua Cover

New V Shaped Luxury support pillow with FREE Pillow case-12 Colours to choose from. Orthopedic V Shaped Support pillow (Fuschia)

66Fit V Pillow - White, 90 X 70/24 cm

•RohiLinen• NEW Living
Orthopedic V Shaped Support pillow
"Includes Complimentary Cream Pillow
Case FREE"

•RohiLinen• NEW Living
Orthopedic V Shaped Support pillow "Includes Complimentary Purple Pillow
Case FREE"

V shaped Orthopaedic Nursing Pillow Case / Neck Support/ Pregnancy Pillows - Cream


Linens Limited Orthopedic V-Shaped Back And Neck Support Pillow With Pillow Case

Polycotton Back & Neck Support V Shaped Orthopedic/Pregnency/Nursing Pillow Case Color Plum

Memory Foam V Shaped Pillows

V Shape Memory Foam
Super Firm Pillow with two (Cream)
Free Cases

Homescapes Luxury Memory Foam V-Shaped Pillow 77 x 10.5 x 23 cm Pregnancy Pillow with Removable Extra Soft Cover Nursing Pillow Back Support V Pillow

V Shaped Pillowcases

V - Shaped Pillow Slips
V - Shaped Pillow Slips

V Pillow V Shaped Cream Pillowcase

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