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Bed Raisers, Chair Raisers and Seat Lifting Cushions

Disability Aids to raise a bed or chair making them accessible to disabled people, the elderly or those with mobility problems.

lifting cushions providing assistance when the user has difficulty getting up from a seated position.

Products including:
Bed & Chair Raisers, Exmouth Adjustable Bed Raiser, Elephant Feet Bed & Chair Raisers, Seat Assist, Portable Raiser Seat Cushion, Easy Rise Cushion, High Seat Cushion, Medeci Furniture Raisers, Portable Raiser Seat Cushion.

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Bed & Chair Raisers -Cone
Bed & Chair Raisers - Cone
Exmouth Adjustable Bed Raiser
Exmout Adjustable Bed Raiser

Exmouth Wheeled Adjustable Raiser
Exmout Wheeled Adjustable Raiser
Elephant Feet Bed & Chair Raisers
Elephant Feet Bed & Chair Raisers

Memory Foam Uplift Seat Assist
Memor Foam Uplift Seat Assist
Lift Assist Seat
Lift Assist Seat

Portable Raiser Seat Cushion
Portable Raiser Seat Cushion
Easy Rise Cushion
Easy Rise Cushion

High Seat Cushion

High Seat Cushion
Medeci Furniture Raisers

Medeci Furniture Raisers

Lifting Cushion UpEasy Powered

Lifting Cushion UpEasy Powered
Portable Raiser Seat Cushion

Portable Raiser Seat Cushion

Aidapt Adjustable Linked Chair Raiser Kit

Aidapt Grip-on Chair Raisers Set of 4

Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers - 4" 10cm [Personal Care]

NRS Summit Seat Raiser

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