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Cutlery for People Disabled with Hand Problems

Knives, forks and spoons for trouble feeding due to hand and grip problems. Feeding aids, cutlery and splayed forks for people having trouble eating and kitchen aids for those disabled by arthritis, stroke, poor grip, poor co-ordination and those who can only eat one handed.

Products include:
Feeding Evaluation Kits, Lightweight Foam Handled, Cutlery-Angled, Good Grips
Bendable Cutlary, Queens Cutlery, Weighted Cutlary, Paediatric, Multi Utensil Holder,
Elastack Tapes, Foam Tubing, Reflex Comfort Grip Chefs Knifes.

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Cutlery-Lightweight Foam HandledCutlery-Lightweight Foam Handled
Cutlery-Angled And LightweightCutlery-Angled And Lightweight

Red-Handled Children's Cutlery
Red-Handled Children's Cutlery
Multi Utensil HolderMulti Utensil Holder

Lightweight Foam Handled One Handed Cutlery
Lightweight Foam Handled One Handed Cutlery
Good Grips Bendable CutlaryGood Grips Bendable Cutlary
Newstead Weighted CutleryNewstead Weighted Cutlery Queens Cutlery
Queens Cutlery

Queens One Handed Built Up CutleryQueens One Handed Built Up Cutlery Caring CutleryCaring Cutlery

Reflex Comfort Grip Chefs KnifesReflex Comfort Grip Chefs Knifes Homecraft Knork Knife and Fork Combination Cutlery

Foam Tubing
Foam Tubing
Multi Utensil HolderMulti Utensil Holder

Foam Tubing ClosedFoam Tubing "Closed Cell"
Vitility Cutlery Holder Quad Small
Elastack TapesElastack Tapes
Weighted Utensil Holder
Weighted Utensil Holder

Feeding Evaluation Kit - Adult

Feeding Evaluation Kit - Adult

Feeding Evaluation Kit Paediatric

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