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Sweating Products

Buy products for excess sweating (perspiration) causing embarrassment and self consciousness. Being a normal bodily function its generally not a problem. It can be a problem in certain situations if your excessive perspiration becomes really bad. The products here combat the awkward dampness or never ending sweat patches, allowing you to lead a more dry and breezy life.

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Native Remedies DeodoRite

DeodoRite reduces body odour and fundamentally helps decrease any excessive perspiration you maybe experiencing, whilst also helping relieve overactive sweat glands. DeodoRite has been specifically designed for the healthy elimination of toxins from the body, which can contribute to the unpleasant smell you may be experiencing.

Native Remedies DeodoRite

Native Remedies Sweat-Less™

A few drops of the clear, pleasant tasting Native Remedies Sweat-Less formula every couple of hours, could give you the help you need to reduce the level of your excessive sweating. This entirely natural remedy has been designed to tackle both your skin’s dampness, as well as the emotional triggers such as anxiety behind this, by supporting your nervous system.

Native Remedies Sweat-Less™

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