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About Focus on Disability

Focus on Disability is the most comprehensive independent not for profit website devoted and aimed to provide support, advice, information and resources for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK. Established in 1999 by David Cross the websites aim has remained the same throughout it's years online.

Apart from the comprehensive information and advice on a myriad of disability and health related topics on the site, available by using the homepage category links, "Search Site" function or sitemap, help is offered by email via the "contact" links . All outbound links and resources have a relationship or usefulness for those people with a disability, health issue the elderly and carers. Many linking and inclusion requests are turned down as being unsuitable for the sites intention of being solely devoted to disability issues.

Content includes:
Guides and information on benefits, benefit rates, allowances, caring, disability aids,
mobility aids, holidays, travel, art, sport, leisure, motoring, disabled parking, mental health,
disabling conditions, government, education, employment, therapies, legal, discrimination,
special needs, herbal health products and much more.

As well as the information and advice pages, the site now offers access to a comprehensive selection of Disability Aids and Mobility Equipment for disabled people and the elderly and also a wide range of herbal and nutritional products and therapies for health problems.

David's interest in disability issues stems from working in Occupational Therapy Departments, Wheelchair Clinics, Special Schools, Orthopaedic Workshops, Patients Homes and also had a full time caring role, for four years, looking after a much loved mother fading with dementia. He trained in engineering and is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Origionally the site became in 2007.
The site is well supported by all major search engines and continues to grow, being constantly monitored and updated.

The "contact" link is always available for any suggestions or views regarding the website.

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