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Car and Motoring Aids for Disabled People

A variety of independent living products and accessories to help your
motoring and in-car needs if you are disabled or elderly.

Products Including:
Grab Bar, Fleece Seatbelt Pads, Steering Wheel Attachments, Car - Handi-Bar, Steering Wheel Mushroom, Support Strap, Disabled Parking Flag, Leverage Key Fob, Medidisc, Swivel Seat and In Car Battery Charger.

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High Street TV Official Car Cane Grab Bar Mobility Aid with Built in Torch

The Official Car Cane with built in Flash Light - (2 Pack) (As Seen on High Street TV)

HandyBar Car Transfer Bar
Fleece Seatbelt Pads (Pair)

Fleece Seatbelt Pads (Pair)

Steering Wheel Attachments

Steering Wheel
Car Steering Wheel Mushroom

Car Steering Wheel

Patterson Medical Economy Rotary Cushion 43 cm Diameter


Disabled Parking Flag

Disabled Parking Flag

Great Ideas Auto Hand Grips -
Set of 2 Headrest Handles -
Mobility Car Handles To Help
Back / Rear Seat Passengers
Get In And Out Of Vehicle
More Easily

Extra Leverage Key Fob

Extra Leverage Key

Swivel Seat

Swivel Seat

Grab & Pull Car
Seatbelt Reaching Gadget Aid


Seat Belt Helper

Seat Belt Helper

Secuvision Easy Wiper Glass Cleaner Windscreen 4x Microfibre Cloths Spray Bottle 41 cm Long

In-Car Battery Charger
In-Car Battery
Car Caddie

Car Caddie

Easylife Group
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