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Dycem Non-Slip Mats

Disability Aids for poor grip, arthritis and other disabilities in the kitchen and home. Dycem is an effective non-slip material enabling items such as plates, mixing bowls, chopping boards and crockery to stay stable and stop spillage when used by disabled people and the elderly. Dycem netting is available and non slip floor mats for safety and security.

Products including:
Anchorpad, Non Sllp Tray Mat, Dycem Roll/Reel, Non Slip Floor Mat and Non Slip Netting for Chair, Floor or Rug, Dycem Bottle Opener and Dycem Jar Opener

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Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat
Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat

The Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat has been designed to provide a stable, non-slip base for a patient.

Dycem Non-Slip Pad
Dycem Non-Slip Pad

Dycem has been developed to produce the most effective non-slip material available.

Tenura Blue Non Slip Reel 1m x 30cm (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Dycem 2m x 40cm Red Non-Slip Reel

Made from non-woven fabric coated with non-slip properties.
Can be used to cover a large area or cut to shape.
Suitable for moulding or wrapping round an object.
Red colour - Size 2 metres x 40cm

Dycem Non-Slip Material
Dycem Non-Slip Material

Non slip mats-Dycem coloured reels are made from a non-woven fabric coated with non-slip properties.

Dycem Non-Slip Netting
Dycem Non-Slip Netting

This pliable sheet of non-slip netting is laid between two surfaces to stop them slipping in relation to each other, e.g.on a chair to stop the user slipping downwards, or between the floor and a rug.

Dycem Non Slip Reel 1 m x 20 cm - Blue

NRS Healthcare Dycem Jar Opener

NRS Healthcare Dycem Blue Non-Slip Mat Rectangular Mat - 250 x 180mm (10 x 7in)

Creates non-slip base/surface. Multipurpose and extremely versatile. Highly durable and long lasting. Use all around the home, at work, school, etc. Use when cooking, eating, drinking, working, for hobbies, table top activities, in the car, study, on mobility aids.

NRS Healthcare Dycem Blue Non-Slip Rectangular Mat - 350 x 250 mm (14 x 10 in)

NRS Dycem® Non-Slip Mat Circular Mat - 19cm (7.5") Diameter, Red NRS Dycem® Non-Slip Circular Mat - 14cm (5.5") Diameter, Red

Dycem Bottle Opener
Dycem Bottle Opener
Dycem Jar Opener
Dycem Jar Opener

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