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Finger Splints - Frog Splints

Splints designed to provide natural alignment and support for fractured fingers and support inter-phalange joints in cases of hyper-flexion and ligament injuries. Fingers splints and frog splints suitably immobilize finger joints to provide pain relief and assist healing and rehabilitation.

By taking the pressure off painful joints these splints can help with the swelling, stiffness and joint damage caused by arthritis.

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Finger Splints

ACU-LIFE Cot Finger Splint Value Pack Boxed

Finger Extension Splint For Finger Knuckle Immobilization |Soft Padded Interior & Protective Rigid Exterior with Ventilation

Acu-Life Finger Splints Medium and Large

Accessotech 10x Black Stretchy Finger Protector Sleeve Support Arthritis Sports Aid Straight

Fortuna Fold Over Finger Splint - Small

Oval 8 Finger Splint - Size 8

Frog Splints

Frog Finger Splint | Foam Lined, Malleable Metallic Splint to Align and Stabilize the Fractured or Injured Distal Finger- Medium (2" - 3")

NeoPhysio Mallet, Frog Finger Splint, Malleable Aluminium Support with Foam Padding Size Medium
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