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Free Road Tax for Vehicles used by Disabled People

Eligibility and how to apply for road tax exemption from the DVLA if you are a
disabled driver of a vehicle, invalid carriage or mobility scooter and exemptions
for vehicles transporting disabled people.


You may be entitled to a free tax disc (exemption from Road Tax) if you're a disabled person who gets:

1. The higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance.

2. War Pensioners Mobility Supplement.

3. Have an invalid carriage or mobility scooter.

The vehicle being used:

To claim exemption from vehicle excise duty, the vehicle (must be registered in your name or registered in the name of someone you nominate to drive for you (a nominee).

The vehicle must only be used for your purposes, for example shopping or getting prescriptions.

If it is being used by the nominee or someone else for their own personal needs, then the exemption will be lost and the normal rate of vehicle tax must be paid.

How to get a free tax disc (exemption certificate)

Firstly before you can get a free tax disc, you'll need to apply for an exemption certificate from the agency that issues your benefit. The exemption certificate will show your name and that of the nominee if you have nominated someone to drive for you.

Some vehicles don't need an exemption certificate to tax - see 'invalid carriages - mobility scooters' and 'Motability contract hire vehicles' below.

The exemption certificate must be valid and can only be used to tax one vehicle at a time.

If you claim the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance

  • Your exemption certificate must be one of the following:

    • certificate of entitlement for DLA
    • statement of entitlement for PIP
    • annual certificate of entitlement
    • DLA404
    • MHS330
    • WPA0442

To get your tax exemption you need to obtain a Certificate of Entitlement to DLA or PIP.  This should be sent through automatically.

If your certificate has been lost or stolen you will need to replace it.

You will also need to get a new certificate if either the registered keeper or the vehicle changes.

You can request a new certificate by contacting the appropriate number below. 

DLA (GB customers only)

Tel: 0345 712 3456  
Textphone: 0345 722 4433

PIP (GB customer only) and AFIP (GB and NI customers)

Tel: 0345 850 3322
Textphone: 0345 601 6677

DLA (NI customer only)

Tel: 0300 123 3356
Texphone: 0300123 1008

War Pension, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Telephone: 0800 169 2277

You or the registered keeper do not need to get a new Certificate of Entitlement every year but you will need to use the serial number that is shown on the original certificate. Keep this number in a safe place. You or the registered keeper will need to use the serial number each year to renew in the disabled class.

If you are changing your car, or taxing it in the disabled class for the first time, you will need a new Certificate of Entitlement.

Taxing your vehicle in the disabled tax class

Get your free tax disc at a Post Office branch that issues tax discs. You can renew it each year online, over the phone, in person or by post.

You can claim the exemption when you apply for vehicle tax.

See - Taxing your vehicle in the disabled tax class (general motoring section -

Changes in your circumstances

If you are in hospital for more than 28 days - or 84 days if you claim exemption for a child - the exemption from vehicle tax will still apply,as long as the vehicle continues to be used for your direct purposes. This applies even if you lose your entitlement to Disability Living Allowance as a result of your stay in hospital.

If you sell the vehicle or your entitlement ends, you should return the disabled tax disc to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Swansea SA99 1AL or your nearest DVLA local office.

If you no longer qualify for vehicletax exemption, you will need to tax your car in the appropriate tax class and pay the correct rate of vehicle tax.

Invalid carriages - mobility scooters

You don't need an exemption certificate to get a free tax disc for an invalid carriage. The vehicle must be registered in your name, weigh less than 509kg and be adapted, used or kept on a road for a disabled person.

Your vehicle doesn't need to be registered or display a tax disc if it weighs less than 113.4kg, is for footway use only and has a maximum speed of four mph.

You can download leaflet INF210 'Registering a brand new invalid carriage (mobility scooter)' or leaflet INF211 'Registering a used invalid carriage (mobility scooter'.

Information on Mobility scooters for road use:

In legal terms, a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair is an 'invalid carriage'.

A class 3 scooter or wheelchair can be used on the road.

Class 3 - powered wheelchairs and scooters, for use on roads/highways with a maximum speed of eight mph and the facility to limit the maximum speed to four mph for use when travelling on footways, and with a maximum unladen weight of 150 kilograms.
You must register a class 3 vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Where class 3 vehicles can be used
You can use your class 3 scooter or wheelchair:
* on footpaths, pavements, bridleways and pedestrian areas at a maximum speed of four mph
* on most roads at a maximum speed of eight mph
* You must not used it on motorways, cycle lanes or in bus lanes.
* You should avoid using it on dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50 mph. If you do use your scooter or powered wheelchair on a dual carriageway, you must use an amber flashing light for visibility.

Motability contract hire vehicles and road tax:

Motability contract hire vehicles don't need an exemption certificate. Motability will arrange to tax your vehicle each year and send a tax disc directly to you.

As Motability registers the vehicle and holds the Registration Certificate for the duration of your contract, it's important that you tell Motability of any changes to your address or circumstances to ensure you get your tax disc on time.



Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) contacts

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