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Leg Rests and Foot Rests for Disabled and Elderly People

Ideal for resting and the support of tired or injured legs and feet. Comfort if you are elderly, disabled or have an injury requiring long periods of time seated or in bed.

Designs to suit a variety of needs including:
inflatable leg rest, bed leg rests, adjustable footstool,
padded and folding leg rests, angled foot rest,
flexible leg rest, tuffet leg rest, leg lifters
and foot rest for travel (long haul)

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Aidapt Beaumont Leg Rest

Aidapt Beaumont Leg Rest
with Castors

TV and Reading Foldable Height Adjustable Comfort Foot Rest

HOMCOM Footrest Adjustable Height & Angle Tilting Platform Home Office Foot Rest

Patterson Medical Cardiff Adjustable Height Footstool with Castors or Standard Feet

Adjustable Height Leg Rest/Footstool

NRS Healthcare Three Way Adjustable Foot Rest

Adjustable Padded Leg Rest

Greenhurst 3 Position Footstool White, polyester

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk - Foam Footrest

Bed Leg Rest
Bed Leg Rest
Bed Leg Rest / Back Rest Inflatable
Bed Leg Rest / Back Rest

Adjustable Footstool
Adjustable Footstool
Adjustable Padded Leg Rest
Adjustable Padded
Leg Rest

Flexible Padded Leg Rest
Flexible Padded
Leg Rest

Foldable Leg Rest
Foldable Leg Rest

Leg Rest Tuffet
Leg Rest Tuffet

Aidapt Contour Bed
Leg Rest

Foot Rest
Therapeutic comfort for long haul travel.
Helps contain in-flight swelling
and knee pain. Fully inflatable for use
at home or away.

Wheelchair Foot Cushion
your feet & ankles.

Leg Lifter
Leg Lifter
Bed Leg Lifter InflatableBed Leg Lifter Inflatable

Mattress Tilter CushionMattress Tilter Cushion

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