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Long Handled Reachers & Grabbers for Elderly
and Disabled People

Help picking up items from the floor, cupboards, help with dressing and reaching and grabbing distant objects. Independent living aids for disabled people, the elderly, wheelchair users or anyone with walking difficulties.
Post operative help after knee replacement or hip replacement surgery.

Long handled reachers including:
Folding reachers, telescopic reachers, adjustable length reachers, lightweight reachers, suction tip reachers and reachers with a magnet.

For long handled washing aids see:
Washing Aids and Bathing Aids
For long Handled shoe horns see:
Shoe Horns and Shoe Laces and also
Dressing Aids and Grooming Aids

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Folding Easy Reacher
Folding Easy Reacher
Suction Tip Reacher

Suction Tip Reacher

New! Helping Hand
Classic 32"

NRS Healthcare M59724 Ready Reacher Reaching Aid Length 53 cm (20.75 inch) (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Helping Hand Litterpicker Long Arm Mechanical Grabber Reacher 80cm

Homecraft 76cm/ 30-inch
Long Handi-Reacher

NRS Ready Reacher
Reaching Aid
Length 38cm

NRS Combi-Reacher
81 cm (32") Reaching

Aidapt Folding Handy
Reacher 26inch

Buy Long Handled Reachers at:

Handi Reacher Extra
Long 90cm

Aidapt Deluxe Handy
Reacher 35inch

Easylife Group
Independent Living Products from Amazon

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