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Tap Turners for Disabled People and the Elderly.

If You have arthritis, grip problems or hand weakness, tap turners are useful aids for independent living in your home. Using a standard tap fitting can be painful if you have painful joints, these aids are helpful for washing and activities in the kitchen and bathroom. Tap turners are easily fitted enabling transfer to different taps in the home.

A variety of tap turners for crystal, crucifix, and crosshead taps.

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Tap Turners
These strong moulded tap turners simply hook over the top of a
capstan of ”X” type tap

Tap Turners
Tap Turner- Crystal
Clamps around the top of modern cylindrical tap tops, and provides the leverage to turn them easily.
Tap Turner- Crystal

Swereco Contour Tap Turner

Homecraft Crystal Tap Turner

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