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Urine Bottles and Bed Pans

Toileting aids if you are ill and for disabled people and the elderly. Urine bottles and bed pans useful when confined to bed and when a urinal is needed when travelling.
Male and female products.

drainage urinals, slipper urinals, portable urinal, mini portable potty,
topper male urinal, unisex expandable urinal, spillproof urinals, shewee,
vernagel, urinal bottle holder, fracture bed pan, general purpose bed pan,
portable bidet

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Bed Pan with Cover
Bed Pan with Cover
Male Urinal
Male Urinal

Drainage Urinal Funnel With Bag (Male)Drainage Urinal Funnel With Bag (Male)

Drainage Urinal Funnel With Bag (Female)Drainage Urinal Funnel With Bag (Female)

Drainage Urinal Jug With Bag (Male)Drainage Urinal Jug With Bag (Male) Replacement Drainage Urinal Bags
Replacement Drainage Urinal Bags
Topper Male UrinalTopper Male Urinal
Topper Male Urinal Adapter
Topper Male Urinal Adapter

Screw Top Portable Urinal
Screw Top Portable Urinal
Cygnet Female UrinalCygnet Female Urinal

Uriwell - Unisex Expandable Urinal
Uriwell - Unisex Expandable Urinal
Mini Portable Potty
Mini Portable Potty

Spillproof Urinal (Male)Spillproof Urinal (Male) Spillproof Urinal (Female)Spillproof Urinal (Female)

General Purpose Bed PanGeneral Purpose Bed Pan FPN Adult Slipper Bedpan with Handle & Secure Fitting Lid - for Personal Home Use and Nursing Care Use

Fracture PanFracture Pan Slipper Urinal
Slipper Urinal
VernagelVernagel Urinal Bottle Holder
Urinal Bottle Holder

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